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Schild & Vriend :: Home

You have found the homepage for Schild en Vriend, a bunch of miniature wargamers operating in and around Leuven, Belgium. We cater for several periods and scales in miniature wargaming, ranging from the earliest times to the far future, and from the bottom of the oceans to the deepest of space.

For those of you who stumbled on to this site by accident and have no idea what it's all about: miniature wargaming is a hobby where otherwise perfectly normal grown men and women (well, okay, more men than women) spend their time playing with toy soldiers on a more or less realistic model battlefield, like so:

A miniature wargame in progress

There is a lot more to miniature wargaming than just playing with toy soldiers of course, as the hobby brings together such various activities as researching history, painting figures and modelling terrain along with the gaming itself. This variety is what makes miniature wargaming such an interesting and rewarding hobby. Feel free to browse this site from the links on the left for more information on our club and the hobby in general.