Wooden Legionnaires in the Desert
Schild en Vriend Demo- and Participation Game at Crisis 2003

The Schild en Vriend wargaming club has made it an honorary custom to show at least a somewhat less conventional game each year at a major wargaming convention. For the CRISIS 2003 show (Antwerp, hosted by Tin Soldiers Antwerp), we decided to present a game using the Woodens range of wargaming figures. Of course, this meant that we produced a wooden terrain as well. Additionally, we sprinkled the terrain with some sand, and added a few 3D scenery resin items.

The resulting game, looked as follows:

We also produced some very simple rules, such that a game could be played in about an hour. The basic setup was that the Foreign Legion was protecting an archeological digging site, and the Arab forces were sweeping in from all four corners.

Due to suboptimal lighting in the convention hall, it was impossible to shoot more pictures. Back at home, Phil recreated the game in his wargaming attic, and these additional pictures were shot. All pictures have been slightly been edited in photoshop, to remove disturbing artefacts.

An overview of the Legionnaires' site. The Egyptian scenery is made by Grendel.

Arab camelry attacking. Looked at from the side, the wooden figures really show a large amount of detail.

Legionnaires running. Note the use of brown packing paper to model the muddy river.

Another close-up of Arab cavalry.

This picture gives a good idea of the hill contours. Each contour was 12 mm thick, and made out of MDF wooden board.

Attacque!!! Pour la Patrie!

Arab infantry faces a French machinegun.

Hot action around the campsite!

A trade caravan passes by, while the fighting is continuing in the background.

The camp of the Foreign Legion is under attack. The tents are made from cardboard.

A general overview of the battlefield.

A general overview of the battlefield.

The game attracted quite some attention, and we were rather proud to have shown that one can do something else than the standard 'look & feel' of the more classic miniature wargame. Watch out for next year!