Schild en Vriend :: Game Calendar

After a period of flux, we are trying to instill some order in the games we play as a club again. To that end, this page will list our planned games in the near future. We aim to get at least a game per month going.

Date Game Extra information
Fri 10 December 2004 Fantasy Inaugural game at Phil's wargame attic
January 2005 WEC - 500pt round Initial round of the Warhammer Escalation Campaign: 500 points armies
Tue 25 January 2005 The Prussian Revolt Alan's alternate history: see his blog entry.
Tue 22 February 2005 Game by BV Probably Old West
February 2005 Boardgame evening by Alan Tiny Cardboard Men
March 2005 WEC - 750pt round Second round of WEC: 750 point armies
Tue 29 March 2005 Game by Alan Subject to be determined