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Here's what has been recently updated on these pages. Over the last years, this site has been somewhat dormant and has only very recently shown signs of life again. This page will keep track of those signs of life, but there's no guarantee that there will be much to list here.

23 Jun 2005

Added WEC page -- our WAB escalation campaign.

5 Dec 2004

Added Game calendar page.

21 Sep 2004

The home page has a new look now. The layout is cleaner and, more importantly, CSS based instead of table based. There's also a link to Tiny Tin Men, the webmaster's wargames blog added.

22 Sep 2004

Phil's Woodens pages added. These include a page of photographs of our Crisis 2003 wooden desert game.

Older entries

The old what's new page lists the things added over the last year or so, just after the big five year gap.