WAB Escalation Campaign

Schild en Vriend is organising an escalation campaign using WAB ancients armies. This is the resource page for that campaign.


A number of us have been wanting to get into 25mm Ancients wargaming using Warhammer Ancient Battles. In order to provide us with an incentive for painting, and to get some toys on tables fairly quickly, we came up with this WAB Escalation Campaign: a campaign framework involving armies starting at low points values and gradually growing throughout the campaign. Those of you familiar with Games Workshop will recognise this as the Warhammer Warbands concept (though we came up with it independently).

Campaign resources

Next turn

Next rounds' battles will be fought over the region of Scandia.

Voting booth

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Current player rankings

Player Army Side Voting body Votes Prestige points Victorious battles
David Black Granadines Civilisation Senate 3 4 Stopped Saxon invasion of Istria. Defeated a Roman incursion in Corcyra.
Alan Huyton Saxons Civilisation Senate 1 0
Graham Knight Macedonians Barbarian Rat 1 0
JP Ollivier Sassanid Persians Barbarian Rat 4 6 Stopped an incursion by Macedonians. Threw a Roman army out of the Messan hills. Ditto for Saxons in Corcyra.
Bruce Rogers Belisarians Civilisation Senate 3 5 Scared a Saxon army out of Messa. Headed off a Celtic invasion of Corcyra.
Filip van Boxelaer Roman Barbarian Rat 1 0
Bart Vetters Celts Barbarian Rat 1 4 Threw a Roman army out of Istria. Conquered eastern Messa.
Graham Willmott Trojans Barbarian Rat 1 3 Sent Macedonians scampering from Messa
Stefan Schulz Han Chinese Civilisation Senate 2 2 Threw Macedonians out of Corcyra.
Wim Vandenberghe Greeks Civilisation Senate 2 2 Threw Trojans out of Corcyra